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Paris-based creative studio Maison Carnot is showing off their home city in the most charming of ways.

Utilizing the legendary Pentax 67 TLR, the team shows you the iconic views of Paris through the camera’s viewfinder.

Paris Seen Through a Vintage Camera’s Viewfinder

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Photoshop has become a fixture of the photography world in the US, but Esther Honig wanted to examine retouching standards overseas.

Esther sent an ordinary head shot to 40 individuals from 25 different countries, asking each of them to “make her beautiful” with Photoshop.

Photographer Examines Retouching Standards in Different Countries

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Very Little Stars

Is That What I Look Like? | This American Life

Google's Done With Internet Pornography

Oh YES Please


For most street photographers, the idea of using a painfully slow 130 year old camera is just plain crazy. 

British photographer Jonathan Keys has been using a 19th century camera to capture stunning images of modern day England.

Modern Day England Through a 19th Century Lens

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